About me

My name is Dominika Mühlová, I am a mum of two wonderful kids and a pediatric physiotherapist. I have graduated as Master of physiotherapy, since 2013 I worked in Lázně Teplice in the Czech Republic and since 2021 I have been working in MINT therapy.

During my work, I am gradually educating myself and following new trends in physiotherapy. I am grateful for all the courses I had opportunity to went through and which formed my perception of the functioning of the body and soul as a whole. I was mostly influenced by the Vojta Method course, which I attended at Rl-Corpus in Olomouc. I also regularly attend the Vojta working groups, where we regularly consult treatment options.

As a contribution to physiotherapy, I also see the course Respect and Be Respected, which gave me practical experience how to approach children with love and respect so that they cooperate in therapy and enjoy it.

I was very inspired by the Master of Physiotherapy Jan Maryško on the course Sensitive Period in Child Development, from which I took away that each child has its own pace and it is important to lead the baby to awareness of its own body from birth.